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If you are usually surfing the Internet and you have different usernames and passwords for the different services you use, sometimes you'll have find difficult to remember a password, but Mozilla Firefox remembered it for you. The problem comes when you need the password in other browser or in another computer, because Firefox only shows asterisks and you can't remember the password.

In those moments, PasswordFox becomes really useful. It is a lite password recovery tool that allows you to view the user names and passwords stored by Mozilla Firefox Web browser. Great! problem solved.

In case you need to know the name and password for any website, run PasswordFox and you'll access a list featuring record index, website, username and password, in short, all you need to sign in from another web browser to your favorite online services.

It an be a good choice, faster than the Recover password link of each website. Finally, you can even print the list of passwords to have it in the drawer.
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